Junk car selling made simple.

Many people across the US are searching for that company to help them get rid of their junk cars and Sell My Used Car.
Cash for Junk Cars does just that, we will connect you with our buy junk cars technicians within moments and they will show you how easy it is to buy junk cars.
Using Junk my Car to sell your old clunker and make some cash on the fly, is sheer genius. The process is fast, the service is free, and you have an entire staff within reach to troubleshoot; you can even enlist their help for documentation issues.

Why do we buy Junk cars?

Our many salvage yards nationwide allow us to buy junk cars and sell it for scrap metal. A car that is useless to you is worth money to us and therefore we can afford to buy junk cars and include the free towing in order to buy junk cars.

What do you need to sell junk cars?

You don’t need a title, you don’t need the car keys, and the car doesn’t even need to run. For us to buy junk cars, all you need is the car itself.

How easy is it for you to sell junk cars?

Use the online order form or call the toll free number to have us buy junk cars and a tow truck will come to your location today, put cash in your hand, and buy junk cars from you.

It took them one hour to complete the service. I waited in the waiting room. They were so nice to me. I think the price is reasonable for that car.

- Mark Jefferson

Sell junk cars like a pro.

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